Flea and Tick Treatment

Fleas and Ticks rely on hosts for survival, as they feed on the blood of animals.  Because they can reproduce at extraordinary rates, an additive that regulates their maturation is required to cut off their life-cycle (see price schedule), and follow-up services are required.  While our materials both exterminate and prevent future generations from maturing in the treated areas, it is also recommended to identify and treat the hosts (dogs, cats, rodents, etc).  Most over the counter treatments for fleas and ticks are very effective at keeping your pets protected, and in conjunction with our treatments, you will be free of these biting pests in no time.

FUN FACT:  Fleas wait for vibrations from passing hosts to hatch out of their cocoons.  Pupae can wait in their cocoons for months, and in some cases, over a year.  Once a suitable “meal” walks by, within a fraction of a second an adult flea can hatch out, jump, and bite.

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