Our 3 Step Method

Step 1:  Initial Service “Targeting the Pests”

The first service will eliminate the majority of the adult pests.  The materials offer their greatest effect during the first 2 weeks after application.

Step 2:  Two Week Follow Up   “Breaking the Life Cycle”

We highly recommend a two week follow up service in order to eliminate insects that have hatched out as well as any stragglers that may have survived the first service.  The two week follow up will also initiate our 30 day guarantee.

Step 3:  Bi-Monthly Service   “Maintaining the Barrier” 

Keeping insects from re-entering the home is the goal of the regular bi-monthly service. Insects can invade in a number of ways including migrating from neighboring properties, flying on, tunneling underground, or even being carried in by the wind.

Although many pest control companies require monthly service, we believe the can be overkill, costly, and an unnecessary use of pesticides.  In most instances we can keep your home bug-free through regular bi-monthly services.

Our 30 day guarantee is extended for the full 2 month period between services when customer is on our Automatic Scheduling program.