Rodent Control

shutterstock_240847861Rats and Mice are very common in South Riverside County.  Although they commonly live in trees, burrows, and fields, they are also a common household intruder.  They can come into attics to retrieve insulation for nests, get into garages to find pet food, and even creep around kitchen cabinets in search of food.  Rodents, and the fleas they host, can carry diseases.  Between the diseases they carry and the droppings they leave behind, rodents can pose a serious health risk to your household and should be dealt with at the first sign of intrusion.

For Rat or Mouse control, see our pricing schedule


Other common rodents in our area include skunks and raccoon.  We are equipped to trap and relocate them upon request.  Please Call our Office for an estimate.

*sorry, we do not deal with gophers at this time.